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PE & Sport

Vision for PE

At Oatlands Junior School we recognise the important role that physical activity plays in achieving health, fitness and well-being among pupils, staff, parents/carers and the wider community. We aim to provide the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary for a healthy lifestyle and a lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

We believe PE & Sport plays an important role in making our vision statement a reality for every pupil, with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.

Long Term Plan

LTP Years 3-6 PE

P.E. Subject Leader - Jo King


Mrs J King

How PE is taught and what it looks like at OJS

In PE we explicitly teach, develop and assess the fundamental movement skills that are key to successful physical activity. Alongside these, we teach a range of multi-abilities that develop children’s personal, social and cognitive skills. A variety of sport specific skills are also taught, which reference FMS and multi-abilities, and there is clear skill progression through the lower and upper school year groups. An emphasis is placed on pupils enjoying being physically active through personal challenge and achievement. Competition is provided through personal bests, as well as competition with peers. We strive to create new ambition for every child. Our holistic approach also encompasses enrichment activities, close links with clubs and their specialist coaches, as well as home challenges. PE is taught twice each week, with further opportunities for short bursts of physical activity during curriculum time on non-PE days - sometimes taken in the form of the Daily Mile.

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What your child will leave OJS knowing, understanding and appreciating in PE

Physical Activity

All children will understand the value of physical activity in their lives and be used to spending part of each day being active. They will have experienced a broad range of activity options, including competitive and non-competitive sports. By the end of their four years with OJS, they will have experienced specialist coaching in four different sports in local club environments, during curriculum time. They will have had the opportunity to attend before or after school clubs in a range of active pursuits.


All children will understand that PE is primarily about developing the fundamental movement skills which allow them to participate successfully in any physically active pursuit. It is also about learning the personal skills of determination, self belief, teamwork and respect which will bring both enjoyment and a sense of achievement for all.

Pupil Leadership

Each year, six children per year (two per class) will be given the opportunity to be part of our Sports Crew, developing leadership skills. These children will provide the pupil voice for PE and Sport in that school year, contributing to decision making, as well as event planning and organisation. They will also have a pupil leadership role in PE lessons. Additionally, Y6 pupils are invited to apply for Sports Leader training in an after school club; this then qualifies them to take on a Sports Leader role leading lunchtime clubs or sporting competitions. 

What pupils at OJS think about PE

"I like that we do a bit of everything." Y3 pupil

"We play fun games." - Y3 pupil

"I like PE at OJS because we get to do fun activities and learn dances like Disney's  'I wanna be like you'." Y4 pupil

"  I Love the sports and the clubs." - Y4 pupil

"I like that I can exercise my body and have a good time as well." Y5 pupil

"I like the new sports we try in it and the tournaments you can go to like hockey, football or cricket." Y6 pupil

"I liked doing cross country." Y6 pupil

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