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Modern Foreign Languages

At Oatlands Junior School, we aim to nurture our pupils’ understanding of the world and its cultures through high quality language teaching.

We want to foster a love of learning language, promote positive attitudes towards other languages and understand that communication in our global society is dependent on our knowledge of other languages.

Long Term Plan


Key Vocabulary

MFL Vocabulary

MFL Subject Leader - Laura Hind


Miss L Hind

How is French taught and what does it look like at OJS?

The focus on learning French here at Oatlands Junior School is on practical communication, with oracy taking centre stage in the majority of our lessons. We believe that speaking and listening are vital skills for language learning and regular repetition of vocabulary and phrases are key to building an understanding of a foreign language. Our lessons are built around games, songs and groups and paired activities, providing children many chances to practise their skills. Opportunities to discuss language learning strategies and comparisons with English also give our pupils the chance to reflect on their native language through the lense of foreign language learning.

Every two years, we hold a French week, which combines language skills, culture, geography, art and DT.

What will your child leave OJS knowing, understanding and appreciating in French?

By the end of your child's time here at Oatlands Junior School, the foundations for foreign language teaching and learning will have been laid. Whilst they should have a good grasp of the basics of French, above all, we hope that they will understand HOW foreign languages can both differ from English and in some ways can be similar. We want them to value the wide range of opportunities provided by being able to communicate in languages other than their own. Finally, we want them to appreciate that language learning can be practical, purposeful but most of all, fun!

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What do pupils at OJS think about French?

“Bonjour! I like French because if I ever go there I’ll know some words because of my French lessons!” Year 6 pupil

“I like the fun games we play after learning new words in French.” Year 3 pupil

“I like learning about other people’s language and lives.”  Year 5 pupil

“How I learn to do something difficult and then when I get it right it feels really good.” Year 4 pupil


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